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Too much conflict.  Too much distance and discomfort with each other.  You can’t get your needs met.  Your partner, too, often makes you feel disempowered.

Is this your relationship? 

My book, Why Couples Fight, reveals for the first time how this comes about.  It’s because we all get stuck in endless, damaging struggles for power and control that prevent us from resolving conflict.  


Is there a way out of this?  There is!  And this book will give you everything you need. 


The Chestnut Hill Institute

At the Chestnut Hill Institute we’re devoted to making people’s lives better. We do research, produce books (15 so far), and work with individuals, couples, families, and organizations to help them make the changes they need to meet their goals for a fulfilling life. And it’s all based on a common-sense, evidence-based approach that builds on what actual men and women already do that works and that the rest of us can learn from. 

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