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Welcome to our 100th blog post!!!

Well, here we are, you and I. It seems like just a few weeks since we started posting to this blog, and yet now we’re up to our hundredth post. (For the record, we had a Chestnut Hill Institute blog for years and years until it got infected and everything got lost. ☹ )

It’s been a joy hearing from all of you who’ve emailed us at or who’ve reached out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

We’ve been wondering how to celebrate this landmark moment. Champagne? Well, sure! Drink up! To a long and fruitful life for all of us!! But what should we do here?

The best we could come up with is our list—based on your responses—of 10 of the best of the posts we’ve put up. Best how? Well, with respect to how helpful you found them, or how interesting, or how fresh, or how entertaining. Of course, everyone would make a different list, but this will be your chance to be directed to some posts you might have missed.

Here we go, in no particular order:


There’s tons more! Well, ten times more, to be exact.

And speaking of more, please check out our book Why Couples Fight. Whether your problem is too much conflict or too few needs getting met, our book will help you a lot.


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