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To all our many devoted readers

A change in schedule

From now on we'll be posting here twice a week, not three times. It's not really a big deal, but we've gotten so crazy busy here, something's had to go.

So, yeah, I guess now we go on the cover of Busy Busy People. Or maybe the real reason is being sick of being as busy as we are. In which case we'd belong on the cover of People Sick of Being So Damned Busy. I'd like to see Richard Scarry do that book!

This is also partially on the advice of our social media person, so feel free to blame her if you like!

From now on, we'll have a new post up on every Monday and Thursday, and announcing it at the same time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. For what it's worth, our social media person said, "Yeah, don't post on Saturday. People are too busy to read a blog on the weekend. Wait till Monday, when they'll want to read it when they're goofing off from work." Interesting! True? I don't know. But interesting.

But our commitment to this blog is undiminished.

And we're particularly excited about this current "Love is..." series. Especially now that it looks like it'll be running to at least twenty entries.

If you're like me, then you know how important love is in life. We need to feel loved and to have someone to love. And when love is lost nothing feels worse. So how can we not want to understand better this most important of all things?

We need and want your input for this series. What do YOU think love is? What entries would you like to see?

And what would you like us to talk about once we finally SFU about what love is?


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