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Bella the dog gets real about love

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Hi! My name is Bella, and I’m a dog.

I’m talking to you because we dogs know a lot about love. It’s kind of our job. You feed us; we love you. And we do! We can’t fake it. We’re dogs!!: we don’t know how to fake things. That’s the cat’s department.

And I’m especially writing to you because of Mira’s last post on Instagram. The one where she said, “You can never give too much love.” That's her little human Rachel she's holding in her arms. Humans don't have tails so they smile when they're happy.

I’d’ve given that post a big thumb’s up, if I had thumbs, cause it’s true. I mean, come on! Who regrets giving love? My great-great-great-grandfather Davey, Mira’s last dog, loved Mira to pieces and he sure didn’t regret it.

There’s just one thing. For you humans out there. It’s not that you can give too much love. It’s’s the problem. Look, if my human gets to be a human and I get to be a dog, that’s good, right? But if you or the ASPCA find out I’m not being allowed to be a dog—like, I’m never able to scamper around—you’ll think that’s cruel. I’ll still keep giving love. But I’ll also start going crazy.

But with two humans, you’ve both got to be you. I mean, if you’re a human and you’re giving all your love, but you’re not allowed to scamper around and do what makes you feel alive and good, well then it’s not fair.

Like with me and my human, there has to be room for all of me as a dog and all of my human as they are, whatever the hell that is. But with you and your human, two humans together, knowing you can never give too much love, you kinda gotta also make sure you’ve made room for two whole people in that relationship. All of you, and all of the other person.

So you’re both free to do what you’d like.

So you don’t go crazy.

And so it doesn’t happen—which I’ve seen—that one of you one day walks out and never comes back and then I’m just left with only one of you to give all my love to.

Dictated to Lucky the parrot

who dictated it to Mira


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