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A new year, a new you. Why not!?!

I wrote The Gift of a Year to save women’s lives. Maybe your life. Certainly the lives of so many of the women I’ve worked with through the years who have some version of the same problem: they’re lost. They feel “there’s no me in my life.” Somehow their promise, hopes, ambitions have eroded like a sandcastle in the face of the incoming tide. Tide of what? Family obligations, most of all. But also, self-denial. Not being taken seriously, not taking themselves seriously.

And they think they don’t know who they are or what they even want.

So it’s time for them, for YOU, to reclaim their lives.

But how to begin?? That’s where The Gift of a Year comes in. It’s a year—or any period of time—devoted to you with a complete set of instructions for how to both find yourself and at the same time make this the most wonderful year of your life.

To drive home what this is all about and why it’s important, I want to share with you Maggie’s story, from page 14 of the book. It says so much, and speaks to the heart of millions of women:

That’s it. We take ourselves, our lives, our needs seriously, or we drown in misery and lostness.

But the great news is that we don’t have to drown. Taking our needs and hopes and desires seriously is the beginning. The Gift of a Year can help enormously.


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