Is He Mr. Right?

Wish you had a crystal ball that could tell you if the guy you're getting involved with is Mr. Right? Tired of wasting time with one Mr. Wrong after another? You're not alone. Too many of us make bad decisions about the men in our lives and end up committing to relationships that don't bring us the happiness we deserve.

Now with this new book, Is He Mr. Right?, you can have that crystal ball
you were wishing for. Writing this book has been a dream of mine for
years. So many of the couples who have come to me for help never
should have gotten together in the first place. Couples who are right for
each other at the beginning get into trouble far less often, and when they
do get into trouble they can get out of it much faster. With my partner,
Dr. Charles Foster, I systematically searched for the ingredients that
predict which couples are going to end up happy they committed to each

The results are contained in what I frankly feel is the revolutionary
Is He Mr. Right? This book is the only guide you'll ever need to answer
once and for all the question, Is he the one I should commit to?

I tried to make this a fun, easy read while at the same time filling it with
all the solid, straightforward advice I've gleaned from helping thousands
of women find lasting love. In these pages you'll find the only step-by-step
strategy for determining whether or not you should commit to a guy.
Is He Mr. Right? will help you:

By the end of this short book, you will discover what you really want from
a relationship, learn how to trust yourself again, and stop wasting time
with guys who aren't right for you. I really believe this is a must-have for
any woman in a relationship. Fans of my book, Too Good to Leave, Too
Bad to Stay
, often tell me that they wish they'd read that book before
they committed. Is He Mr. Right? is the only book you need to read before
you commit to a guy. It provides all the tools you need to find real
happiness in love.

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