Everything Happens for a Reason

This is the first book to help people see that there's a reason for whatever disaster or difficulty fell on their heads, and that the reason is helpful and positive, and here's what that reason is for you.

Just imagine: now you can discover the true meaning of the events in your life.

There's a deep need for the understanding contained in this book. In each of our lives we are faced with events that seem inexplicable, unjust, even cruel – events that can shatter our perception of the world, our understanding of ourselves, and our faith in a higher power.

When we ask, "Why me?" friends and family offer comfort with the words, "Everything happens for a reason" – but we all want to know what the specific reason is in our case.

Building on more than 25 years of clinical research, I offer diagnostic tests that will help you decode the events in your life and find solace and strength in the positive reasons behind them. It's not just that everything happens for a reason. But I've discovered that the reasons people find are positive and healing, just what you're longing for, a sense that you've been given a life-enhancing lesson or an unexpected gift or a new opportunity.

It's as if the cosmos were specifically designed to give us what we need to do a better job leading the life we were meant to lead as the people we were meant to be.

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