When Good People Have Affairs

From now on, When Good People Have Affairs will be the book to turn to when you are trying to understand an affair and figure out how to deal with it. Of course millions of people are in this situation every year. And they can make things much worse, or much better -- it all depends on how they handle things. This book in enormously important, of course, if you are the person having an affair. It will show you how to do what is most important to you: figure out what's best for everyone and see how to do it. But the book is just as valuable if you find yourself being cheated on: your future depends on your understanding what your partner is dealing with. And this book is crucial for all friends and help-givers if they want to understand the real dynamics of an affair. To take just one example, there are 17 different kinds of affairs, and When Good People Have Affairs shows what they are and what they mean. This fascinating book can save people from making terrible and costly mistakes, and it can help them find the real love they are looking for.

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