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i love you but

For the first time, this book finally answers the question why two people in a loving relationship so often try to resolve their differences but end up without getting their needs me and instead find themselves in a painful and exhausting power struggle. The understanding, the answers, and the solutions are all here.  You will see how there can be room for two whole people in your relationship.


"A compassionate, wise, and concrete guide for helping couples end destructive cycles of conflict.”

-Janis Abrahms Spring, How Can I Forgive You?


The now-legendary book that will give you everything you need to decide whether to stay in or get out of your relationship.  No more relationship ambivalence!

“An uncommonly wise and practical book—I really couldn’t put it down.  I kept finding useful insights and new paths to follow.” 

-Dr. Pepper Schwartz, The Peer Marriage


What do you do when you find you’re cheating on your spouse?  How do you think about your spouse cheating on you?  The word for this book is indispensable: it’s the must-read book for anyone at any point in a love triangle if you want to minimize damage and figure things out fast and intelligently. 

"Powerful, pragmatic answers clarify how to sanely address infidelity.”

-Lee Raffel, I Hate Conflict

emotional energy

Trust is easier to break than a China teacup, and there are a thousand ways to do it. But how do you heal trust with someone you love? It can seem impossible, but it isn’t. This powerful book unravels everything involved with restoring trust and shows you just what to do.

"Tremendously useful for millions of people in relationships where trust has been damaged.”

-Pepper Schwartz, Love Between Equals


This is a book many movers and shakers can’t do without.  It’s all about what the guidelines the very best decision makers follow that the rest of us can follow too.

“Practical wisdom updated for the 21st century.”

-William J. Richardson, Professor of Philosophy, Boston College


Okay, bad things happen in our lives, but what’s the difference between people who bounce back and those who stay stuck?  It’s finding meaning in what happened, a meaning you can use to transform your life.  This book will help you find that meaning and use it to make your life better.

“Brilliant, beautiful, and bound to make a profound difference in all of our lives.”

-Debra Waterhouse, Outsmarting Female Fatigue

Too Good...
When good people
what do i do
everything happens
is he mr right
the weekend
feel better fast

Nominated for best psychology book of the year, this book is your guide to everything you need to feel up, engaged, involved, encouraged, energized, and enthused in your life.

“This book is a must read, offering the best answers I’ve seen anywhere. It is the true energy source for the 21st century.” 

-Nicole Wise, The Over-Scheduled Child


The single most important difference between people who do find a great relationship and those who don’t is that those who do avoid wasting their time in go-nowhere relationships. Dump the losers faster! But how can you tell which is which?  This book shows you what to look for.

"An extremely helpful and insightful guide for avoiding a lot of relationship pitfalls...”

-Susan Forward, Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them


How do you have a relationship when you don’t have time for a relationship?  This book shows how your time-starved lifestyle may be harming your marriage and what are the many, many things you can do to keep your marriage happy and healthy in spite of it. 

"A must-read for every busy couple."

-Debbie Ford, Spiritual Divorce

a gift of a year
women and love
10 prescriptions

A serious or chronic illness, or a hard-to-heal injury, can make us feel terrible in ways that go way beyond the physical aspects of what’s going on.  Feel Better Fast looks at all the ways we’re made to feel helpless when things go wrong with our body, it shows a long list of things we can do to re-empower ourselves and feel much better, much faster, in the process.


"Dr. Foster describes the many ways to speed your recovery—ranging from humor to relaxation.”

-Isadore Rosenfeld, MD, Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College


“There’s no me in my life.” Millions of women feel this, and thousands have said it to me. And this book is the answer, the huge first step to giving yourself the life you need and want, a life that belongs to you, starting right now.

“A great book!  A must read for everyone.”

-Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul


Our hopes and fears, our dreams and realities, our disasters and triumphs...all as played out in the stages we women go through as the experiences of love play out in our lives. If we want to understand ourselves and our lives, this book is essential. 

“Few have written with such common sense and clarity.” 

-Dr. Chloe Madanes


For the first time: a relationship book that will help you diagnose what the real problem is that needs solving between you and then will give you just the right tool for solving it.

“Everyone in a marriage today should read this brilliant, punchy, and very helpful book immediately.”

-Richard Carlson, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


How do you say something to someone that’s hard for you to say? Sometimes people stay stuck for years waiting for the right moment; sometimes they just blurt out what they have to say and make a huge mess. This book shows you how to tell your truth without causing hurt or damage.

“This book will help many people.” 

-Rabbi Harold Kushner, When Bad Things Happen to Good People


The prize-winning book that offers the breakthrough solution to ending conflict with your teen and you giving maximum influence in his or her life.

““The best book I know on how parents can build a working relationship with their teenagers.” 

-Roger Fisher, Getting to Yes

truth without fear

“Everything Happens for a Reason is a transforming book for all who struggle with accidents of fate. This book is a compelling guide for each reader to find a unique way to begin life after a tragedy.”

Eva Fogelman,

Conscience and Courage: Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust


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