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Here are your holiday rights

Here we are, ass-deep in the holidays, most of us stressed out, running around, to-do lists dancing through our heads like nightmarish mice.

So I’ll keep it simple. Here are your rights at this time of year:

You have a fundamental right...

  • to NOT run around doing things for others.

  • to take care of yourself.

  • to do less, not more.

  • to say no to other people’s needs and demands.

  • to ask yourself what you need to renew yourself, and to get that.

  • to have peace.

That’s it.

Whatever your background, this is the season of miracles. Especially the miracle of hope and renewal. Even if you’re an atheist, there’s the “miracle”—I know you wouldn’t use the word—of the darkest, coldest time of the year not being the end of things but a time for things turning around and new beginnings, where everything, soon, will be new and fresh and full of warmth and light.

So give yourself that very miracle of renewal, instead of the anti-miracle of stress and exhaustion.

Take very good care of yourself.


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