Our Love Is Too Good to Feel So Bad

There have been countless books for couples, but only one has been recognized as offering more help, more hope, more real possibility of the kind of change that will save your relationship. And that book is Our Love Is Too Good to Feel So Bad: The 10 Prescriptions to Heal Your Relationship. What makes this book so special and so helpful? This book is the only book that gives you what you'd get if you went to a top-rate couples therapist. No attitude, no one-size-fits-all help. This book makes it possible for you to zero in on the specific problem that's been threatening the health of your relationship. This is revolutionary. Now your efforts are much simpler: they zero in on the real problem. And they are much more effective: because you have the right diagnosis and the right treatment, you can feel confident that your relationship will become healthy again. If you're worried about your relationship, Our Love Is Too Good to Feel So Bad is the only book for you. You'll find the prescription you need to fix what ails you.

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