The Gift of a Year

Here's what I hear from women all the time: "There's no Me in my life." "I need some balance in my life." "I'm always giving to others; what's feeding me?" "I need rest, renewal, something -- I'm just running on empty." The Gift of a Year provides the help and understanding you've been looking for. It will give you everything you need to make the next twelve months the best year of your life. Whether you're a new mom with a husband and a full-time job or someone who's just retired, whether you have only a couple of minutes a day for yourself or all the time in the world, this book with show you have you can have more of You in your life and regain the balance you've been looking for. It will show you how to free up time, get rid of unnecessary obligations, identify your true needs and desires, and get help in making your life one that frees you and feeds you.

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