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Everything Happens for a Reason
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The greatest book since the Holy Bible
Mira's biggest new fan "Janice" from Phoenix, AZ September 23, 2005
There are few books that I hold dear to my life, the Holy Bible is the first and now my new best friend is Everything Happens for a Reason. I couldn't put it down. I have re-read the book two times already, and highlighted in pink the things I wanted to remember and return to quickly, the only problem now is my whole book is pink. This book gave me the inspiration to learn more about what I was holding on to, and not forgiving others, but mostly myself. I am on a journey of losing weight, for the umpteenth time, wondering why I would lose and gain and lose and gain and have my confidence in the toilet. I learned so much when I read this book. I found that if I forgave myself for the weight, and forgave myself for the hate and disgust I was feeling it would make my life fuller and more meaningful. I e-mail Mira also as many have in the reviews I have read on this book, and I too received a reply from her. I am keeping the reply with my book as it makes the book even more priceless to me now. It is even better than if she had signed my book personally. Thank you Mira for the book and for the insight it gives to someone dealing with something that they don't understand and don't think they can get through. You gave me courage and determination to keep going even when there are bad days, because I now know why I was placed in the situation I am in now. Compassion and forgiveness two things I never had before for myself, but something I desperately needed. Thanks again.. You have got to get this book and hold it close it answers so many questions. You will be glad you did.
Wow -- totally inspiring
Jenny Miller from Los Angeles, CA October 5, 2004
I think this could be the best book I ever read. It made me feel so inspired!! It's so exciting -- that my life has meaning, everything that's ever happened to me, good and bad. I just love the idea that the universe is a safe, nurturing place for me, that the events of me life are all trying to help me become the real me. But there are also so many great stories, so this was not just inspiring but was a totally fun read. Do a favor for everyone you love and buy the a copy of this wonderful book. Just looking at the cover makes me happy!
Everything Happens for a Reason
Lin from Manchester, NHAugust 9, 2004
recently purchased Mira's Kirshenbaum's new book "Everything Happens For A Reason" and I found this book to be very inspiration and most beneficial. As a woman that has had much adversity in my life over these past few years, the author encouraged, that even through the worst of times, growth and peacefulness will emerge if we are open to trust in ourselves and the fact that everything does happen for a reason. As a mother that lost her only child 4 years ago to leukemia at the age of 10, I could not believe at the time, that any positives could ever come from one of the most devastating experience any parent could ever imagine. The truth is...they have....through my grief work I have grown in ways I never would have ever explored, had I not going through this experience I have had to endure. This book brought me a peacefullness in knowing that the twist and turns in our lifetime do have reason, that they help us to find true authenticity of self and to help direct us back on course to find the true meaning of our life here on this earth. The author knows first hand about adversity losing many loved ones of her own during the holocaust. Through her sharing in this book of her first hand experience with adversity in her own life, I felt that she truly could relate and understand my struggles as well. For anyone that has gone through a deep loss, whether it be a death of a loved one, illness or divorce this book is a wonderful resource to asset you with your healing. I highly recommend this book! Lin from NH


Everything Happens for a Reason
Mary Shoman
Why me? Itís a question most often filled with anguish or anger. Itís also a question thatís usually impossible to answer. Psychotherapist and author Mira Kirshenbaum, however, offers ten different and intriguing responses. In her new book Everything Happens for a Reason - Finding the True Meaning of the Events in Our Lives, Kirshenbaum explains that nothing is random. Every problem is actually a potential learning experience that can teach you how to live your life more effectively -- providing that you understand why the problem happened in the first place. Kirshenbaum believes that each difficult issue is a specific opportunity to learn a key lesson about how to improve your life. Her goal is for you to learn how to eradicate life-crippling issues . . . read more

Nolan L. a satisfied customer, who has yet to finish the book.
I just purchased "Everything Happens for a Reason" and I must say I am completely enamored of it. Its phenomenal content has floored me and I've only had this book for a little over 36 hrs. Though I haven't completed this "novelty" yet, I want to thank you for taking the time to research upon this much sought after million-dollar-inquiry. Though I am a bit young and haven't experienced life and all its glory and pain, I now have a sense of comfort in the uncertainty that lies ahead. Iíd like to thank you and your husband Dr. Charles Foster for your heroic journey in seeking out these answers. The heroism lies in the fact that you were gutsy enough to write a book that draws conclusions on such a seemingly complex topic: Life. This book will cause denial just as much as it will convince, but it's more likely the latter will occur. You guys have truly left a great mark on this universe (or country) with such a small book. Once again, thank you times infinity for settling my usually unsettled conscience.

From Publisher's Weekly:

(Mira: "For Publishers Weekly this is a really good review.")
If you believe that "everything happens for a reason," you might find solace in this well-written self-help guide by psychotherapist Kirshenbaum (best known for the relationship guide Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay). Her premise is that "that no matter what happens to you, not only does something valuable come out of it but it's just what you need." Kirshenbaum details in separate chapters the 10 possible life lessons one might learn from unhappy life events, ranging from self-acceptance, feeling at home in the world and letting go of fear to finding true love or your hidden talents. Readers answer diagnostic questions to determine which lesson might be theirs. There is also a wealth of advice, such as a seven-step method to overcome fear and a list of the 10 elements of true love. Kirshenbaum is careful to note that what you learn doesn't make up for what you have lost. Still, the case studies always end positively. And some don't ring true: how likely is it that a mother will see the birth of a very sick infant as an opportunity to let go of fear? If you don't believe there is comfort to be found in life's worst events, this book isn't for you. But if you've undergone a tragedy and are desperate to find meaning in it, Kirshenbaum's smooth, comforting tone may give you some direction.
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From Library Journal:

In a self-help book reminiscent of Harold S. Kushner's When Bad Things Happen to Good People, psychotherapist Kirshenbaum (The Emotional Energy Factor; clinical director Chestnut Hill Inst., Boston) purports to reveal the meaning of life or at least the meaning of negative events in our lives. She hopes to explain in ten easy steps why bad things happen to us and what we can learn from these events. As she observes, "The reason something happened to you was to make something better in your future.. The cosmos worked hard to give you this gift, so you damned well better use it." While the message of making virtue of necessity is hardly novel, Kirshenbaum does provide a handy framework of questions to help readers assess what end is to be achieved by a given event. However reductive or frustrating to those with a more philosophical bent, this approach will undoubtedly help many readers. Strongly recommended for all public libraries.-Lynne F. Maxwell, Villanova Univ. Sc. of Law Lib., PA
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(Mira: "This isn't technically a review. But it's the first comment I've gotten from an everyday person (she's the assistant to someone who received one of the bound galleys and she's not in publishing herself). I really value her unsolicited response. I'm hoping most people will feel as she does.")

Dear Mira,

This weekend I finished reading your book, which I found to be incredible and amazing and healing on so many levels. As soon as it is officially out/published I want everyone I know to read it! Such a gift you've created for all us lucky enough to read it ~ thank you from my heart.

Best wishes,

Dear Mira,

I so often thought about 'everything happens for a reason' in my life so when I encountered your book at bookstore, I just picked it up and was at the casher in seconds. To be honest with you, I didn't expect too much from your book just because I've read so many self-improvement type of books to cope with my problems and issues that I have carried for a long time from my childhood, it helped in some ways but fundamental issue that I have which is 'forgiveness' has never found the way to be solved so far. But your book changed my life. Something hard that I always had in me started melting....

My name is Miwa, I am Japanese, have lived in NYC for 9 yrs now. My big issue is my parents. I grew up without love from parents. I have one sister, my father told us when we were kids that he didn't want to have daughters, he wanted to have son to take over his business, but my stupid mom couldn't have son.

My mom was horrible person as well, steel money, gamble, alcohol, betrayed us and disappeared. My father never ever loved me, always yelled and denied my life. I never had a dream about marriage or family when I was a kid. Maybe still now.

My childhood was terrible mentally, I went to university of Art in Japan, my all oil paintings started showing my emotion. My professor noticed about it, that's how I started being interested in Art Psychology. I came to the U.S. to study Art Therapy at NYU graduate, but I noticed that I was pretty sick mentally, wasn't ready to help others....

I started reading lots of self-improvement books. I was actually reading 'forget & forgive' until I met your book. No books touched the core of my problem and fear...

Last night, I was at the bar with my studio owner (I am a jewelry maker now), we were talking about life, and suddenly I felt that maybe now I can forgive my father, yeah, he was just a one of million dads, if he was a nice and sweet dad who game me everything, I am not here in the U.S. I couldn't be so independent person who support myself to go to grad-school in foreign country, if he was a nice dad, I probably stayed in comfortable and easy country Japan and was having a ordinal easy life there...

Mira, I really want to thank you for everything, the fact that I met your book is 'everything happens for a reason' too. I will keep your book forever in my mind and try to be better person each day. I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart.

Much love,

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