Emotional Energy in the Workplace

The workplace is the new frontier for emotional energy. In fact, we believe that focusing on employees' emotional energy is going to be the most exciting and productive innovation in management practice in the next decade.

This makes sense. Its employees are an organization's most precious asset. The best companies work the hardest to maintain and enhance their employees' emotional energy. When people have emotional energy they give their best to the organization, and the best people are most likely to stick around. And new research shows that practices and procedures that give people the most emotional energy are also the ones that most promote organizational effectiveness.

This is done with a strong focus on understanding and working with management's strategic vision. We particularly look for solutions that cost the organizations little or no money.

We can also provide material on how to increase emotional energy for your organization's newsletter or web site. And we can conduct educational programs at your workplace.

If you are interested in Mira Kirshenbaum and Dr. Charles Foster showing you how to improve your organization by improving emotional energy in your organization, please contact us. Please include all your contact information, a brief description of your organization, and a statement of why you think emotional energy might be an issue at your workplace.

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